Tuesday, 24 November 2009

SJA: The Gift

Hang on, I've seen this before. The Claws of Axos... or The Seeds of Death. Or...

The Blathereen are back, and they are the good guys! Hang on, no they aren't, as they haven't been whenever they've previously appeared, including on previous SJA episodes!

And in no way did they act suspiciously, saying that if SJA and co were going to scan the plant to do so immediately, and that it would turn Earth into a rich and fertile land... for them!

It's just... so obvious. Is this a first time script from Rupert Laight? Has he never seen a previous SJA episode? Has he never seen any Doctor Who episodes? It's just... so unimaginative!

Even the cast isn't bringing anything new to the table. And, to be honest, the Slitheen outfits are so overexposed, they really do not work. Them moving about is bad enough, but now eating too...

Then, we finally get to the ending, and... Elizabeth? Why did you agree to that? Seriously, you are above that...

The series enders have previously aspired to something better. There is no hint of aspiration to anything here.

Next time: Nope, no more SJA this year. Now we have to wait a whole month until the next DW! (Not counting Dreamland...)


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