Monday, 9 November 2009

SJA: The Eternity Trap

Basically... I enjoyed that!

SJS and co go to a haunted house... spooky! Although there are no such things as ghosts... not that the scientific explanation wasn't much more than hand waving anyway, and may as well have said 'ghosts' for all the explaining it did. Still, there are no ghosts in the Doctor Who Universe (fortunately, we can ignore the Ghosts of N-Space) and I'm sure that final obligatory shot was nothing more than a residual imprint from the stone tape (which got namechecked).

Haunted houses are always fun, and this reminded me of the haunted house mod I had just done the day before in my roleplaying (am tempted to turn this into a mod, but there are some parts that would not translate well). It was scary in concept, but not so much in execution (possibly to not scare the kiddies too much). Nicely done, without getting too ghastly. Clyde's continual bad jokes helped stop the tension building too high, and I mean that in a good way, this is supposed to be a light series not a horror/thriller show.

A lighter cast this time, with no Luke (had to do his GSCEs). Toby Silverman was an interesting character, although I'm not sure he'd survive in a larger role. Callum Blue was largely hidden behind a long wig, so much so that I completely failed to recognise him (otherwise seen in Dead Like Me and Secret Diary of a Call Girl). Donald Sumpter was a nice cast choice, but didn't really seem to get into the part.

On the whole, a good pair of episodes. While not brilliant, a cut above the general fare.

Next week: back to generic looking episode...


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