Monday, 2 November 2009

SJA: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

My main issue with this story isn't Tennant, but the other recurring role...

Hey, it's the guy that was missing from last week! Yes, it's the Trickster. Note: that's pronounced. "Yes, it's <heavy sigh, continue in despondent voice> The Trickster."

But, this is the Wedding of Sarah Jane, so we should be happy for her. And Nigel Havers is a heck of a catch. But, to be honest, I think Clyde was on to a more interesting story if it turned out he was a con man. But this is SJA, so there are monsters involved. Moreover, this is the middle story so the Trickster is involved.

Really? I think we're done with him. If there is a series four, please, no Trickster. Please. Pretty please?

But, hey, at least there's the Doctor. Erm... yes... it was Tennant's last recorded acting as the Doctor, and I wouldn't say he phoned it in. But I might say he shouted it in through a megaphone while passing by in a car. Not his most valued portrayal, and, of course, he can't overshadow SJ and the kids.

Ah, well, let us bask in the presence of Nigel Havers. Good casting choice there.

Next Week: Oh, look, SJA meets The Stone Tape!


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