Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Back Under that Mountain

While all was quite, I hit the cinema for the cheap movie of the week, which was the remake of the TV Series I had recently watched. (For those taking note, although I don't remember details, I think the TV series was the more faithful reproduction.)

From the story as it was, a lot had to be compressed. The Mr Jones stuff was slimmed down, and they just had to get to one mountain instead of two. The biggest change was in the twins themselves, they were older and the focus was on an emotional break between them and them coming together over that, rather than them trying to get to grips with the stones. A better character choice for the movie, I thought. Oh, and Ricky's character arc is also changed.

Effects wise, definitely a lot of money is on screen in the form of the Wilberforces, and they look good. In that they look bad. And I wouldn't be surprised to find out some Cthulhu inspiration behind the Gargantua. The fire effects... less well integrated.

Much is made of Sam Neill being in this, being the only really big name to help promote it, but not much is made of him in the movie (aside from amusing comments of him being a "dirty, old man"). The twins, Sophie McBride and Tom Cameron, are good. And keep an eye out for a cameo by Nathaniel Lees. Not to mention the original Rachel - Kirsty Wilkinson (which I have to admit I missed).

I wasn't overly enthused about seeing this, having just watched the TV series, but its different enough for me to recommend: go check out the local talent!


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