Wednesday, 30 December 2009

WFRP 3e In Cincinnati!

Because we were gamer lite, we did a go at the (presumed included demo) game of Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game 3rd Edition. Also known as an rpg layered on top of a board game.

Now, it was fun enough, but nearly lethal! If it had been one hit more to my character, I would be dead, instead of unconscious, in the first fight. The social "combat" afterward was more fun (although that might have been biased by the fact that a) I wasn't a combat character and b) I nearly died!).

The adventure itself was straight forward, but it was just getting things happening to demo out the system. However, there is a learning curve to the game, so it needs a few go arounds in order to sort out what abilities and talents and whatnot can be used in each round. I kept noticing that I could have done such and such after my turn finished. Oh well.

Wouldn't mind another game, but there is overhead in the cards to keep track of, and reading the specialty dice. Fun, but not something to be mastered quickly.


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