Friday, 25 December 2009

I believe the word is "Woot!"

I picked up a ton of mail yesterday, which reminds me that I need to put some more money on my credit card, but one thing in particular was a wonderful thing to receive.

Yay! Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space! I already had the pdfs, but now I have the physical copies! That's the (cardboard) box on the left and the player's guide on the right.

There's also a Gamemaster's book, a book of Adventures, a Quick Start guide, several characters, story point tokens and dice! (Like I needed more of those.)

One extra reason I'm happy is that... I was a playtester! Unfortunately, they don't list the playtesters, so I can't point to that to prove it, but I was! So there's a good chance I'll have more to say as I look over this and remember...


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