Friday, 15 January 2010

Cloudy Meatballs

Largely been and gone, but recently I caught up with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, an animated feature from one of the less voluminous studios (and I liked Surf's Up over Happy Feet).

Anyway, this movie is about a son trying to get his father's approval... which describes so many movies. This one is difference in that the son is a "wacky inventor" that comes up with a way of turning rain into food. Not just grain or anything, full on hamburgers, steaks, ice cream, jello... (Not exactly sure how hygiene and nutritional experts would view all this.) Given that the son has largely been a screw up, and this is the first invention that gets the town approval (although not the father's), I'm sure no one will be surprised that things go a little overboard...

Aside from the EXTREME obviousness of the subplots of the father/son dynamic, and of the hero trying to get the girl, this is a fun and wacky movie. I'm not sure how the jello creation actually holds up, but by that point in the movie you're either deep into it and accepting everything or... probably gone somewhere else. By the time of the attack run, there are no surprises left, but you're in the moment anyway.

And look out for voices provided by Mr T, Bruce Campbell and Neil Patrick Harris! This movie doesn't take itself seriously (it would be hard to), and I approve of that.

I think the cinema run is over, but a nice watch if you get the chance.


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