Wednesday, 13 January 2010

War on Scales 2

Kassach went running down a corridor with a pit, and Valdurn went running after him. I followed, and managed to jump over the pit. Pity there was a second one. While there were sounds of fighting and sounds of people getting hurt (I can help with that!), I was stuck trying to get out of that blasted hole in the ground. Took me a while, but eventually managed it. Got there in time to help finish off the baddies, and didn't managed to get further hurt.

The room was large, with four sarcophagi and an altar to Bane (that had previously been to Vecna). As the room revealed that this whole place was actually a crypt dedicated to Vecna, we didn't feel bad about looting (we were always going to loot, but it's nice to not get into unpleasantness over it). Found some monies and better armour for the warforged.

Heading upstairs, we encountered a room with zombies, a wight and a corpse. The undead were actually quite a hard fight [I don't have the Turn Undead facility, and one radiant attack power... which I missed with], but we eventually whittled them all down. The corpse turned out to be one of the prisoners. Check that one off our list.

A set of stairs headed down, further than we came up, so suspecting they would lead to the big fight, down we went. All we found were some hobgoblins, some drakes and a goblin with a stick (with feathers on it!). Not much of a problem, to be honest.

Where the goblin was were more sarcophagi (something for the assassin this time), and a priestess that took quite a liking to the warforged as he rescued her. Check off another prisoner. Hey ho, time to rest up for the next random walk through the dungeon...


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