Sunday, 3 January 2010

DW: The End of Time Again

"I'll have 50 gallons of milk." "But, sir, the cow's already dead." "I don't care, milk harder!"

20 FUCKING MINUTES!?!?!?! You would have thought that RTD would have learnt from Doomsday, but apparently he learnt "go worse, kill any desire of sentiment, and wring out everything until the cloth tears..."

Consider that the Doctor has willingly given his life for others. The Fifth Doctor died to save Peri. The Fourth Doctor died to save the universe. The Ninth Doctor died to save Rose. And what ending to we get? The Tenth Doctor, bitching, saves Wilf's life, then gets another 20 minutes of goodbyes before finally ending on the line "I don't want to go." Fuck you, Russell. Fuck. You.

(I will grant I never saw the "knock four times" coming, and when it hit it was a great moment, however that greatness was killed by the rest of the episode.)

And of the great return of the Time Lords... the hell? The Sound of Drums was like Bad Wolf all over again (put this message back through time so we can make sense of it now). Didn't work then, not any better now. And that it's Rassilon himself that was the President... where did that come from? And, oh yes, let's kill the moral choice by having the Doctor destroy a piece of plot device, and then end ambiguously with the Master blasting away. We'll never see him back, I'm sure...NOT!

The whole Donna thing turned out to be a fit of a fizz. What was the point? She would remember and die...except the Doctor put defenses in place. Well, that's handy, isn't it?

Still, Bernard Cribbins, eh? Bet some of were fearing sudden plot developments with "I'd be proud to be your dad." Wonderful, wonderful man.

So that's it. Mad, bad Rassilon defeated with hardly a problem, the Master tucked away, and the Doctor bitching all the way to the end. Piss off, Russell, come in Steven.

And wasn't Matt Smith good?

Next time: When does Matt Smith grace our screens next?


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Morgan said...

You're the only person I've seen who got the drumsound = badwolf equivalence. One could unpack RTD's every weakness from that recurrence. Maybe I'll write an article for TSV about it sometime. More likely I'll just shake my head sadly and say "hurrah for Matt Smith"!