Monday, 4 January 2010

DW RPG: Schread, Part 2

With the traits sorted out, what of the rest of Schread? (It's fortunate that Morgue sent me a copy of the sheet, otherwise I would remember far less.)

Attribute-wise, given the feeling nature of her, I went for very high Awareness. Strength and Coordination were less important, so ended up low. The others were medium importance, being the more mental side. In fact, there are more mental attributes than physical ones.

Skills wise, there are a few fighting ones. (The other person in the trio of characters, S, was the fighter.) Skip those. Schread was a lot of a know all, so high Knowledge. (She did originally have high Alien Culture, but that was made an Area of Expertise of Knowledge.) Being a talker, she also had high Convince (AoE was Friendship, one we made up to express how good Schread was at making friends in general). And since someone had to have it, high Medicine (although S was also good there) (AoE in Psychological Trauma, keeping with the mental side). Then threw in a dash of Survival for the heck of it. As well as fighting skills, science and technology went out the window too.

And there was Schread. (This, at least, was after some tweaking, but can't remember exactly.)

Improvements that I made was getting the trait Run For Your Life, increasing Coordination and getting some Athletics. Being in a Chase sucked. But that, and other rules, are for later.

Behold the Schread character sheet (the -2s are due to damage I had that I hadn't erased properly).



Fantomas said...

To help putting this into context, what was the concept of the group. eg Doctor & Companions, UNIT, et al?

Jamas Enright said...

"Doctor like" (CIA Agent) plus companions. I'll be discussing our adventures more later.