Tuesday, 12 January 2010

DW RPG: Our Other Adventures

Our next adventure took place on the TARDIS, in an adventure created by Morgue. We were invaded by a creature that ended up attacking us on a mental plane. We got lots of lovely backstory as it twisted various events around in our heads. Being the empathic one, Schread realised that the creature was just lashing out in pain, and so invited the creature to hide in her. (How? Who knows? That's just the mystery of Schread.) (In many ways, Schread was looking for a good way to die saving someone else, an aspect I would have loved to explore more.) Turned out the creatures live in the vortex, or could time travel, or something like that, and were used by another race to help them do so. The other race did it by converting the creatures into ships, mentally cauterizing them in the process. The big moment at the climax: Schread, joined with the creature, reaching out and awakening all the other creatures. (In a brilliant example of 'Yes, but', Yes Schread did this, But the creature died to do so.)

The last adventure was Power of the Autons, generated by the Titles of Blood name creator. It brought back S's father, who had left her, and we were on a mining station that was tapping into a power source of plastic. (This is were a Stunt in a Chase killed the chase, and we had a great moment where we came upon a river of plastic.) Oh, and there was the military who arrived and created battle, lead by a mad general. Lots of splitting up and running around. The big moment at the end was world epic, it was S trying to save her father from being shot by the general. Great stuff. The story ended with S staying behind to spend time with her father, and Smith and Schread travelling on.

One nice touch we managed was a story that ended on Smith, one on Schread and one on S. Six adventures in total, and much, much fun. Definitely would enjoy playing more, but real life got in the way...


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