Friday, 29 January 2010

EXTREEEEEEEME commenting policy

I've been getting comments. This is good.

I've been getting spam. This is bad.

In particular, I've been getting lots of spam comment. My usual technique is to simply delete them, although not permanently, thought they are clearly spam.

All of the spammers (that I can recall) are Anonymous. Although not every Anonymous is a spammer.

However, to negate the few the many have to suffer. In particular, I have now set it up so Anonymous users can no longer comment, instead you have to be a registered user, at least in some loose sense. Certainly not more than most people are already registered elsewhere. So this wont impact most people, just the rare few who want to comment without giving away who they are.

In other news: the terrorists have won.


1 comment:

evildicemonkey said...

Indeed they have.

If an honest spambot (with four spamkids to feed) can't go around trying to promote a capitalism venture then the Terrorists have won.

Think of the spamchildren!