Sunday, 31 January 2010

Time and Temp and contre-tomps

Tried a new RPG game yesterday, Time and Temp. You're a temp at this agency that sends people through time to fix anomalies. [Although we set this game up a week ago, the GM was surprised when I contacted him 30 minutes before we were supposed to start to ask him if it was still on! Over an hour later he was ready to go, with another player, Alan, I haven't met before.]

I am Henry Mawson, ex-pizza delivery guy, ex-office gopher, ex-lift electrician, now time agency temp. Together with George Broom, we were sent back to deal with werewolves who wanted Teddy Roosevelt. Despite much bickering, and threatening to end all of reality, we managed to pull a success out of the huge bag of failure...

The mechanics are a little complicated, and there should have been more rolling to use the 'matrix' to get 'synchronicity chips' and other factors. Not sure how quickly this could be run in a con environment (which the GM was going to do, so was glad of the sudden practice!).

Get my recording of the game here. Note that there was a skype crash at around 3 hours, but I jammed the two files together so hopefully you won't notice anything major...


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