Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bring the Storm!

Another set of comic collections are about WUH! Particularly with the Avengers.

First up, we have the Kree/Skrull War. Although you'd be forgiven for realising there's a war on as it's mainly about Captain Mar-vell complaining about his life, and the Vision being a robot. What's that? The Avengers has people like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America in it? Not these Avengers! As far as that goes, these are the second stringer Avengers. In a war that's barely on the page. Bit of a let down really, but still a nicely produced collection, and it is referenced in...

Operation Galactic Storm! Now this is more like it! The Kree! The Shi'ar! Whoever they are! Yeah, never heard of them before, but they seem like people care about them. Moreover, these are the full set of Avengers, including the main Avengers we expect. More moreover, this is a two-volume set that includes all the comics involved (which spreads over half-a-dozen titles), some follow up issues, and the two-parter What If: The Avengers Lost Operation Galactic Storm? (Although, to be honest, I was never sure what exactly the "Galactic Storm" operation was. Was it the Avengers trying to stop the war? Was it one race's plan for beating on the other? No idea.)

I like reading about the big important events and, according to the PR, this is big and repercussiony. Great stuff!


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