Friday, 19 February 2010

To Infinity And... Some Other Places!

I read comics. A lot of comics. Especially at the moment, where I've got this large stack to get through. Now, while I am more of a DC guy, I am enjoying Marvel collections at the moment.

One recent set of comics I highly recommend some works by Jim Starlin.

It starts with the Rebirth of Thanos, as kicked off in Silver Surfer. It has... surprise, surprise... the return of Thanos of Titan. While I have no idea who he is, he's a big powerful beasty and will be doing things cosmic. I like things cosmic. This collection includes the Thanos Quest, in which Thanos gets his hands on the Soul Gems, aka the Infinity Gems.

Which leads into The Infinity Gauntlet. This is the collection of works around the big fight with Thanos as he holds the Infinity Gauntlet and has more power than anyone in the universe. I won't give away the ending, but here's a hint: the Marvel universe isn't under his thrall. Some other comics might tie in, but not included here.

After the Gauntlet is The Infinity War in which the Magus goes for the gems. While this has all the comics of the mini-series, it also includes extra comics relating to Adam Warlock. However, the comics are in the back of the collection, so if you want to read in order, you have to flip back and forth.

It's not over, however, as the end of the above leads into The Infinity Crusade, which has more religious overtones. Whilst not featuring the Infinity Gems, this does have another cosmic source. And, this collection is a two-parter, and includes the additional comics that complete the story tie-in. All written by Starlin. Great stuff.

While that is a great set of stories, there is also The Infinity Abyss (good luck find a cheap copy of that!). It still entails cosmic happenings, and yet is a more personal and intimate tale (if that can be said of an adventure which goes outside of time and space). Again just the miniseries is collected, any additional comics are not included.

If there is another part of tale, I'm unaware of it, but I recommend these to anyone who wants great story-telling.


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