Sunday, 28 February 2010

Literal Music Videos

I'm sure I've posted before on the start of this, but events have moved on as the meme has taken off.

The basic idea: take a music video, and have the song instead describe what's going on, on screen.

It was kicked off with Take On Me and Head Over Heels. Classic stuff!

Other people have taken it up. Look up "literal music video" on YouTube and waste many, many hours (as often happens on YouTube... sometimes due to waiting for the video to download! Zing!).

As with anything, some are good, some are... not. Ones to check out: Total Eclipse of the Heart. White Wedding. Anything for Love. Sweet Dreams. Safety Dance. Even Madonna: Like A Prayer (at least, it got good ratings. I don't speak... um, not even sure of the language, so can't give my own comment on it).

Many, many more, with a lot I haven't seen. Report ones you like in the comments!


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