Thursday, 25 February 2010

What I Do Play

So I've said I don't play RPG style computer games, but I do play some games. The basic version is that I like me some puzzle games. The sort of thing where I can think about it, try a few different combinations, and, more importantly, don't get adversely penalised for getting it wrong, that's what I go for.

A good example is Electric Box. In the vein of The Incredible Machine, you have to put the puzzle pieces in the right place in order for the whole to work. Note that there is a range of games like this. Something like Fantastic Contraption may seem the same, but the answer is vague and can depend on putting the thing in exactly the right place and getting all angles right and... argh! Too finicky! I don't care!

But this also demonstrates a general style of game I like to play: Flash Games! Some say they aren't real games, but for me the casual aspect and not huge gameplay is a plus. Which isn't to say that some Flash Games can get really long and involved. I like Kongregate (which has badges!) and Armor Games as sites to get games. The Escapist's Alt-Escape highlights a casual game each week, so is also good to monitor.

Larger scale, I need to get back to playing Machinarium. I did have to look up one thing (I had gotten close, but hadn't quite got it), but otherwise am going entirely on thought... and some times I've had to have a really long think to get past certain puzzles (getting the dog was very tricky, can't remember the answer now). The main thing: it has puzzles, and you can't screw things up so badly you can't continue the game. Yep, that works for me.

Another game I have somewhere is Pandora's Box, the big thing about that is that it was developed by Alexey Pajitnov (I dare you to name what he's famous for without looking him up). That had some fun games, but also really tough ones. In that, there were definite bonuses for completing quickly, otherwise you had to do more puzzles. The Slices game (I think), where you had slices of a picture that you had to put back together (like it had been shredded) could get really bogged down as you tried to find exactly where the piece goes...

Anyway, that's the style of game I go for. Any games in this genre stand out for you?


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Jamas Enright said...

Update: Finished Macharium! Wasn't that far from the end, actually! Still, those last puzzles weren't easy. On the other hand... I finished!

And as I can't remember most of the puzzle answers, could play it again if I wanted to.