Wednesday, 24 February 2010

War on Scales 5

After getting to Overlook, we find out that the Orcs from the other side of the mountain (in an area called 'Orc Country'... could be something in that name, but I'm not quite sure) are getting through. However, they aren't going through the main pass, so the mountain is leaky! We get assigned a Dwarven monastery to investigate.

When we get there, the first clue that we are on the right track is the orcish chanting we hear while approaching the courtyard. Yep. There be orcs. Bah, what problem to us? We head in and start smacking... except we don't target the main baddies which come up and gank me! I try to get away, then the other orcs surround me and gank me harder! Cleric, heal thyself! I'm in trouble! Fortunately, I am able to get us some resistance, but that's not something I can do often. (About, say, once a day.) If we need that ability later well... we'd better not. Although there is some issue, we do clear the area.

Inside is a large room, some form of church area, where there are pews, an orc witch and lots of newly dead dwarven bodies. We move in, snipers appear, then the assassin one-shot kills the witch. Hah! Orcs spill in from down below, and I steal-kill nearly everyone else left in the room. That's just funny!

Down below, there's a large Dwarf statue, and more orcs and orcish type creatures. They give the Warforged a run for his money, and task me with my healing abilities (I'm tapped by the end). It's amazing just how random these fights end out.

Heading on, we come across a set of stairways leading down with orcs heading up. We set an ambush, hit them hard, and the assassin still goes down, almost but not quite permanently. Fortunately, I'm good at what I do, and what I do is get my compatriots back on their feet. We lay the smack down (and the Warforged gets smacked himself a fair bit), and the last opponent makes good friends with the ground.

We head down and find a large cavern with lots of orcs, one large one who is beating up on a dwarf. We get ready to head in... (and may suddenly find ourselves with reinforcements, we shall see...)



Peter A said...

Wait wait wait... is this Ijur or Risan?

It's Ijur, right?

Jamas Enright said...

Oh, so close, and yet, bzzz. Jake, tell him what he hasn't won!

Ijjer is in the Dragonlance campaign. Risan is now Epicness (in his ineptitude).

Playing in the Scales of War is Marach, the Deva Shielding Cleric.