Friday, 19 March 2010

The Boys

This is a tale, a Disney tale, of two brothers that grew together, but then grew apart... Moreover, this is a real movie, not some Hollywood ending. The Boys - The Sherman Brothers Story is about, oddly enough, the Sherman Brothers, namely Dick and Bob, who wrote... pretty much all the classic Disney musical movie music that you can mention.

Mary Poppins. The Parent Trap. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The Jungle Book. They had songs in all of them.

And yet... in public they got in, and yet in private... The movie explores their history, and sort of their working partnership breakdown. It doesn't go into details, this wasn't the main point of the movie, and yet this problem is in the blurb as something the movie addresses. You sort of get the idea that it's that they just got too exhausted, and were too different... but it's oblique.

Anyway, interesting piece of history, worth checking out a fascinating story.

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