Friday, 19 March 2010

Shattered Island

[Bah, got posted on the wrong day!]

Let's skip to the chase: DAMN. GOOD. MOVIE!

But did you expect any different? This isn't Scorsese's first work by any stretch of the imagination, and it is damn well executed.

Teddy Daniels comes to the island to investigate an escaped convict/prisoner, but things are Not As They Appear(tm). As the investigation continues, question arise who can be trust, which applies to everyone. (When I saw the trailer, I did wonder if there was some paranormal element, but it was simply a dramatic dream sequence.)

Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely the star and turns in an excellent performance from the start right up to the final note. (I really should check out The Departed some time.) Ben Kingsley is a wonderfully creepy Dr. Cawley, and, hey, an appearance by Ted Levine!

The atmosphere is aided by the great cinematography and Scorsese doesn't bother with cheap tension shots, just works on the slowly creeping uneasiness.

...why haven't you seen this yet?


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Foo said...

Can't wait to see this AND Alice too...fingers crossed will see at least one next week in Glasgow.