Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Chronicles of a DM: Part XI

[I am back in the GM chair, running Scourge of the Rat-Men (not well reviewed).

This is just a one-shot adventure between Scales of War and Dragonlance and whatever else. We have, in the party, a Dragonborn Warlord, an Elven Seeker, a Halfling Rogue and a Half-Orc Fighter. Human is so passe...]

We start with Standard Opening #3: Ambush While Travelling. [The provided map, which is rather cramped, is even called "Ambush Map". Ooh, what a give away!] Bandits attack our heroes, and after trading banter, the attack is on! It is not as straight forward as you would think, but the outcome was never going to be an issue. After many rounds, the bandits are put down. They trace some of the bandits path back to their most recent campsite, but get bored, and head back towards the town.

The town in question is Edgecomb, which is suffering a refugee problem due to increased banditry. And now other things are going missing. Livestock. Children... The PCs offer to help guard during the night [because they are 'heroes'... so claims the adventure... yeah, um, ever met PCs?], and come up with the good idea of gathering all the children together.

When the Rat Men (for it is they) come for more children [with AMAZING stealth rolls], they are disconcerted by the lack of children, investigate where people are gathered, and are finally spotted! Attack! However, the rat men prove to be an incredibly tough fight [level 6 creatures! I can say that here as I know my players don't read my blog], and I nearly kill the fighter. Unfortunately, he lived, and the rat-men die, but not revealing their entrance via the well.

After a long rest up, the heroes head down the well, find a secret door, then find a trap. By setting it off. Which proves tricky for them to disable (but they do), while some ran away to find more secret doors (which they do).

Launching into the room beyond, they quickly pwn some minions, before beating on the warriors and the champion. [There were ten creatures, and the room was four by three squares. Tight fit! Unfortunately, the champion wasn't able to really get going.] Dailies were used and the fight was won. The heroes now have their first decent foothold in the Lair of the Rat-Men...


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