Saturday, 20 March 2010

Gimme a Hug / The End of the Line

A two-fer, short short with longer film, both with a marine focus.

Gimme a Hug is about giving sharks a hug. Or rather, about how they can become rather docile and put into tonic immobility. The point is that sharks, thanks to films, are overemphasized as killers and are in need to protection.

The End of the Line is the end of fishing. The oceans have been overfished, and there's no sign of anyone stopping (EU governed limits... ha!), so...

Parks have been set up, pressure is being put on politicians, but as yet no-one is claiming we need to do the really obvious step: halt commercial fishing. Certainly some areas are acting responsibly, but a wider ban would allow the entire ocean a breather...

But I don't see that happening. What I do see happening is us fishing the oceans to extinction and then lumping it. Seems to be what we do.


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Stephanie said...

The End of the Line on DVD is available at Bullfrog Films.