Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Belgrade Phantom

This is most like an actual film, in that it is a recreation of the event of The Belgrade Phantom, a man who stole a Porsche and ran the streets in flagrant disregard of the police. (Not something done lightly!) This was done in quite the period, and could easily have been an episode of the seventies police shows.

Interspersed are interviews with people who were there, police and witnesses alike. Some of their comments, and the out-text, suggest that not everything was done above board, and "deniability" working just as well back then. Makes me wonder just how easily this film was made, getting people to speak openly (or as openly as they ever will on the topic).

While I wouldn't entirely agree with the Fast and Furious comparison, it is well done, and if the maker Jovan Todorovic enters that action genre, I'd like to see that!


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