Sunday, 21 March 2010

Google Baby

I was initially thinking this movie was about the couple that named their baby via internet poll, but this is about the booming business of getting babies online. But not in a bad way.

Google Baby is about surrogacy, and about out-sourcing such resources to India. We met Doron who sets up a business, in Israel, using egg donation from the US and getting them born in India. We met several of these people and spend some time with them, and it really is a global marketplace and the world is getting smaller... (one woman wanted to have a baby, but needed egg donation... and sperm donation... ever think about adoption?)

What occurred to me is that, for a process that is about the human process of making babies, there didn't seem much humanity involved. Women are treated as a resource, either for egg donation or for surrogacy, and it's all about the money (which, for one woman, is either going into building their house... or buying guns... yes, she is a Texan).

This may be a new market, but I'm thinking there will be a few documentaries on this yet to come.


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