Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Red Race

[Both 'Red' movies, and all movies listed under 'R' now watched!]

Much like The Red Chapel, this also features kids in school. In the case of The Red Race, this is the focus, in particular of kids around 6 years going through training in gymnastics. A lot of training. Intense training.

I like the movies that speak for themselves, ie without narration to give the director's judgment, and this is one such movie. We get to see the kids getting coached, and some of the home lives of the kids. They are put under pressure, under a lot of pressure. One mother in particular actually tells her kid (remember, these are 6 year olds!) that it's up to him as his two older siblings washed out, and she became stressed because of it... geez, woman!

And yet, the kids want to give it their all. Often while crying. Some discipline is good, but this much... I'm not convinced.

A movie to see to put "I walked ten miles through the snow, uphill both ways" into perspective.


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