Monday, 15 March 2010

Hear them, hear them!

While the Documentary Film Festival is going on, we also have the New Zealand Arts Festival happening as well. Some big names have come down here and had some talkings going on.

I only found out about some of them after they were sold out... heh. Two big names I want to mention:

Richard Dawkins. Big name biologist and evolutionist and atheist. Now, I've heard him talk before due to recorded conversations, so I'm not that upset as having missed him. In fact, he happens to be down these parts as part of an Australian Atheist Conference happening over in Melbourne. But he also spoke on radio, and you can hear that on Radio New Zealand (and this isn't the only interview with him in the archive).

Neil Gaiman. I remember him being down here for a New Zealand Science Fiction Conference back in... 1997? 1998? Good talk, very amusing speaker. And a good writer too, oddly enough ;). He was down here for two talks (that I am aware of), both of which I failed to attend. He also spoke on Radio New Zealand.


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