Monday, 15 March 2010

International Shorts

This was a three-pack of movies, too short to show on their own, so packed together for your convenience!

First up is Notes on the Other, about Ernest Hemingway's trip to Pamplona during the running of the bulls, and about how there are many, many imitators of him... but, to be honest, I didn't quite get it. It had its moments, but... I missed something.

Second is Smile Pinki, a movie that could so easily be depressing, and yet... a hospital in Banaras offers free operations to all children who have cleft lips and similar problems. The reason cited by parents for the cause: an eclipse happened during the pregnancy. ... Such a simple operation that changed the life of all the children involved. Amazing.

Third is The Solitary Life of Cranes (this was the main one I wanted to see). One doesn't often think of the crane-operators, up above it all. An interesting perspective on the city of London, and a fascinating look into the life of a driver. (This can be viewed online if you are ip-approved, or you can check out the associated City of Cranes.)


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