Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ijjer's Tale, Story Eight

[Yes, that's right, we finally got back to playing Dragonlance!]

There we were, in the middle of a tower, surrounded by draconians, and they went running off to say we were coming for the children. We were, but they made it sound like a bad thing. We followed them to find a room of children, and an old dragon by the name of Flamestrike, who thought the children were hers. Um... Some convincing later, we managed to get the children away from her, while she ate the remaining draconians then settled down another sleep. Right...

After uniting children with mothers, we wanted to go get the men folk, but had to get out of a barred door... this was the sturdiest door made on all the planet! Nothing we tried could shift it! [It was ridiculous just how unable we were to open a simple door.] Clearly, we were not meant to go through that door, and we went over to the other tower.

Inside, we found some more doors, including one that had obviously been used as a barricade. Perhaps the rest of the women were on the other side? We knocked, a hobgoblin answered, and we were fighting. For a while, we were in trouble [our rolls sucked!], but we (mainly me) managed to turn the fight around and clear the way. Once again, another door proved impossible to open, but at least we alerted those inside so they could surprise us when we entered the room through another door. Which lead to another fight, this time with hobgoblin guards being led by a hobgoblin monk. Huh. The last surviving guard surrendered, so we were able to find the other women easily.

With just the menfolk to go, we wanted to set off the gate trap so the incoming army wouldn't be able to get through. This involved us needing to open that barred door, which once again we failed to do. Fortunately we were able to talk Flamestrike into doing it for us. Lukan set the trap off, and we exited to the valley to find guards coming the other way, and the women and children inbetween.

Then the high lord whatisname came out, transformed a humanoid into a dragon, threatened to kill us before Flamestrike took him on (she was still confused over the children), leaving us to get away... it was all very exciting! Whatever will we encounter next?

[And we'll continue with Dragonlance at a later date...]


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