Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Liquid Stone

Liquid Stone is about the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, and about how the architect, Antoni Gaudi, didn't provide plans so much as models of the work yet to do, leaving it up to others to work out what he was on about. This film is about working that out.

I'll admit that this film wasn't as engaging as I hoped. I was wanting more explanation of how what exactly the "secrets" were, and instead we were treated to architectural ideas and lots of shots of the church itself (one would expect the latter). Good to see Kiwis involved, but... not the focus I was hoping for.

And I do have to wonder... Gaudi designed this, and people continued building it after his death, and it probably won't be complete until 2026. Would there still be this dedication if it wasn't a monument to religion?



Jet Simian said...

I'm not sure where the funding comes from, but if it's church-based then yeah - the religiosity has to be a factor (cheaper than building a new church? A moot point).

On the other hand Gaudi was a visionary and celebrated as such by the artistic community and his countryfolk in his lifetime (lucky Anton), so I don't imagine there's a dearth of dedication given the number of adherents and devotees the man collected over the years. It's a dream job.

Jamas Enright said...

There do seem to be a number of people who's entire livelihood is working on this church. That'll be an interesting experience to see what happens to them when this is finished...