Friday, 26 March 2010


[Interestingly, both movies I watched today had a common point/problem about documentaries, but I'll address it in the next post.]

The Call to Prayer is heard a lot in Muslim cities, in Istanbul in particular for this movie. It is a call that is sung out (and this is an important point) by imams and muezzins. This movie, Muezzin, is about a Call to Prayer competition to find the best of the current crop of callers.

Singing used to be seen as a form of sinning. Or maybe still is. I wasn't quite clear on that point watching this. And a lot of singers find themselves drawn to the singing/calling of the Call to Prayer. And if it wasn't for that, there'd be a lot more singers. At least, a lot more men singers, 'cos, you know, the idea of a woman calling people to prayer... or even singing without the permission of her man... the very idea!

A very mean practical joke occurred to me while watching this: disabling the speakers around the city. I'm not sure who would be upset more, but I also wonder if the extra lie in without being awoken might not give everyone a nice treat.

A lighter movie, certainly, but I think it could have been a better one if it just touched on some darker points...


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