Friday, 26 March 2010

Those Misfits of Science

See the recent British show Misfits? Watch it and remember an earlier show with a similar name? Remember... the Misfits of Science?

I do. Great series. Still stands up quite well, have to say (as long as you don't try to analyse these things too deeply). Classic 80s science fiction. Just another series that has failed to come out on DVD...

Although I don't remember the opening too well. Check it out. Jazzman piano intro before we switch into... caterwalling is the only way I can describe it. Any one able to understand her? Something about "misfits" and "science" and "love" and... "class disguss!"


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ThirdBass said...

Misfits of Science was an awesome show!

I've made a fansite for it:
Enjoy! :)

The lyric translation on the music page is just the best we could hear, but I don't think it's 100% accurate yet!