Wednesday, 17 March 2010

New Beijing

"Because they can." That seems to be the obvious answer to the issue. The issue in question is: New Beijing, the destruction of the old to erect the new. In particular the old housings of Beijing are being wiped out in the name of development projects that are aiding...

Anyway, this movie focuses on the work of the "Memory of China" project which is to try to preserve, or at least document the changing face of progress. Which largely does seem to be for progress sake. We also met several architects, and the charge is brought up that western architects are using Beijing, and China, for testing grounds... a challenge which isn't entirely deflected...

We are presented with an interest juxtaposition of old, new and new "old" (fake replicas of the old). One is left with the impression that Beijing is subjected to the impact of "we can do it" rather than "we should do it". And, I have to say, some of those new buildings aren't that nice.

Check it out while there's still an old Beijing to see.


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