Tuesday, 6 April 2010

DW: Code of the Krillitanes

Before Tennant disappeared, they tried to keep his memory alive by providing one more book: Code of the Krillitanes by Justin Richards.

This is one of the Quick Reads, and this was a quick read. In fact, it was a re-read in some ways. Krillitane oil infused chips... I mean crisps. Did Justin just give us the novelisation of School Reunion? Well, no, believe it or not School Reunion had more plot than this. We get the crisps, we get the home of the crisps, and we get a final showdown or two... and we're done! Definitely plot-lite-lite here.

This does also have the negative aspect of everyone needing to behave in stupid ways in order to keep things moving along. The bad guys need to exposit their motivation, and the answer needs to be quick and simple, as we are basically presented with "tell don't show".

Frankly, if you miss this book, you won't miss this book.


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