Wednesday, 7 April 2010

War on Scales 8

We are in the town of Overtown, and meet up with some compatriots I have encountered before, a mercenary who is a Genasi swordmage, and a fellow Melora follower Mafic the Shifter Monk. While we are relaxing, we are rudely yanked out to face the courts and the charge that we stole the Warforged, which is clearly the property of some conglomeration or another. Clearly we are not, and epouse our views to this regard. The judges agree, and we are free to go, and I'm sure that plot will never come back to haunt us.

While we are traipsing back from that, we are set upon by some thugs who want some key we found back in the Vents. We tell them we have no idea what they are talking about as we proceed to beat the crap out them. Well, actually, the rest of the party beat the crap out of them as the bad guys beat the crap out of me! Still, we prevail and have a hostage for our troubles. A hostage that has apparently been in this situation before and says we can return him for 1000 gold... sold! Although the gold ain't turning up quickly...

We decide to look into this thug, Mordo or something, a dark creepling beastie, and spend the next few days looking for information about him. And slowly uncovering it. By Melora's leafy twigs, that's a long time... [Actual role playing! Well, close to it, a big skill challenge, but one that drags on and on, and we get information that we either don't care about or reiterates the same point over and over. Arms dealings. Morty. Active bad guy (at least, active until the previous adventure where we kyboshed his plans). Oi.] We eventually track him into the area of the Nine Bells and a tavern where he used to stay. Sighing at the lengths to get to this point, we head on in...


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