Saturday, 17 April 2010

I have Blu-Ray!

It was inevitable, sooner or later I would have to get a Blu-Ray movie of some kind. There was one I was planning to get as the first, but then I was in Whitcoulls, and it was there, and I brought it.

The annoying thing is that I can't watch it on my TV. Odd, you may think, but there is the obvious alternative. Both of my computers can play Blu-Ray, although I have no idea how well. Guess I'll find out. And given of my computers, my choices are my 15" laptop or my 21" widescreen monitor on my PC box... the pick is rather clear.

What I don't plan on doing is regetting my entire collection on Blu-Ray, that would take far too long, there's no guarantee the movies will be available on Blu-Ray... and, of course, it'll be hideously expensive. There are, however, some movies that I want to pick up in Blu-Ray because there are so many extra features. But must resist the urge to get too many.

Some of you may be asking at this point: what movie did I pick up? Of all the movies I could pick, I think you'll agree, I got a good one.


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