Friday, 16 April 2010

Missy Saigon

At St James there is a wee musical you might have heard of, namely Miss Saigon. As you might guess from my posting about it: I went to it.

Let's be honest, cut to the chase, cite cliches, and admit this wasn't for me. The storyline just... didn't enthrall me. This was something I wouldn't naturally have gone to. I was invited along, and was willing to give it a go and see what it was like.

I like musicals (although more tend towards Lloyd Webber), but I also like being able to tell what's been sung. And also, feel free to have some actual dialogue moments, not everything needs to be sung. Not that it was at all all bad, it might be telling to say that my favourite character was the Engineer.

I did take more notice of the production side. Yes, the helicopter scene was well done, although I was more impressed with the moving scenery than the copter effect itself. The production was, overall, extremely slick, with all performers in fine form and the stage hands not showing up too much (not being as engaged I did spot the flitting forms). Certainly no trip ups of songs or anything that I noticed. Unfortunately I couldn't really see into the music pit, would have liked to see their professionalism in action.

I'm not going to offer a recommendation, as you might be able to tell that it wasn't really my cup of tea. I did pick up a brochure of upcoming events and there are some other things that do appeal to me. I see Jan Hellriegel is performing, yay! Die Fledermaus might tempt me more, musical-ly speaking. And yes, a touch of fondness for Julian Cleary. Waiting for Godot is just on the too expensive side.


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