Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's White Out There

Who would have thought? A straight to DVD movie featuring Kate Beckinsale! At least, I only saw it advertised at a local rental store, certainly don't recall seeing it anywhere near the theatre...

And, having watched it, have to say that was a wise choice of the production company, 'cos this movie blows. With a lot of snow, but even without it. Thrill as we watch them try to get a clip off a line and onto another one, not just once, but many, many, many times! Watch as Kate suffers a plot driven flashback every five minutes! No-one will be seated during the last twenty minutes after the movie ends! (By which, I mean the movie ends, but keeps going for twenty minutes with nothing happening! I know Lord of the Rings set the record, but no need to try to outdo it.)

The plot is that something happened and then we spend an hour finding out it wasn't worth noticing and some people die. The exciting thing is that it is set at the South Pole so it's got them trapped by snow every other scene and tension rises as the bad guy has magic 'get out of any trap' powers. Did that sound incoherent enough, 'cos the movie just wasn't interesting enough to bother keeping track of what was happening.

Actors worth noting... well, there's Kate, and yes she does strip down, but otherwise is wrapped up in heavy coats so no skin tight leather for her. Tom Skerritt also turns up, but isn't on screen enough. And... meh...

I think you might be able to guess, but I do not recommend this film. Just plain dull.


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