Thursday, 1 April 2010

Since you asked... no

Currently there's an article circulating asking "Is this the face of Jesus?" Ooh, I can answer that one!

The face has been created from the shroud of Turin, and therein lies our answer. Basically... the shroud is a fake. Well, I should qualify that as: all scientific evidence points to the shroud being a fake. Most likely a pious fraud, although I have read claims that it was the work of Leonardo di Vinci... but no-one takes those claims seriously.

It was most likely created by covering a person in particular powders, then pressing cloth onto them. This has been replicated and shown to be most probable. And it was done in the 15th century... a little late for Jesus. Let alone that burial practices would not have involved a shroud in this manner.

Anyway, to get back to the question at hand "is this the face of Jesus?" No... no it isn't. It might be the face of the model the artist used, but that's about it.


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