Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Chronicles of a DM: Part XII

Looking around, the group find more corridors, but decide to look through the door that was right there. They find cells. Cells that contain a large ooze. A large ooze in a small cell. [I'm not sure how it fit in there! It's four squares big and the cell is one. This is merely a taste of the very bad map scaling.] They back out, but since the ooze is squeezing, it grants all kinds of combat advantage (which it wouldn't do in a proper sized room). Not that hard, rather fun, and even the second ooze was met with amusement.

Deciding that they wanted to take on more rat men, they headed into the large room. [At least, the room is described as large, but the map isn't that big. Basically, the map should have been 10 foot squares, but this isn't indicated anywhere. And some of the descriptions do describe the dimensions as per the map... huh?] Inside they find rat men. Lots of rat men. Sixteen creatures worth of rat creatures. Lots of minions so they shouldn't be a problem... except no-one can hit. People get into bad positions... then people start going down. It takes a long hard fight to get through and exhausted them all. [In fact, the rogue died, but he was being a "companion", like an NPC, instead of a PC, so I was willing to say they happened to find a "Raise Flikki" scroll.]

Backing out, they rested up, then went back in. Some traps had been reset, but otherwise I didn't change much. They found the trap in the boulder room, but decided to finish off the level before heading to the next one... So they went to the one room left. Which was a pantry of decaying corpses. Which dazed some of them. Then the rat swarms attacks. And that is definitely plural rat swarms.

Two rounds later, the fighter was dead. The warlord was dead. The elf was useless and the rogue wasn't much better. Those two ran away, but... half the party was dead. Yeah, they left and weren't coming back.

[This is a very unbalanced adventure... and when the rat swarms killed two of them, bam, that was it. The adventure was over. We discussed how bad it was... but next week, we are back to Scales of War...]


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