Sunday, 11 April 2010

Those Glourious Basterds

Merely seven months late, I have now seen Quentin Taratino's latest. To be honest, I wasn't all that enthusiastic about it. The trailer seemed to suggest that it was going to be more black and white about who was good and evil. And not that subtle about it. Meh, wasn't drawn in.

I stand correctly. Brilliant movie! Although it's an odd thing to say about a movie set in a parallel universe, and done in an over the top style, it was realistic. In terms of the characters that is. I liked the bar/basement scene, that had some of the best characterisations of the people involved of the whole film. Some Americans were good, some where bad. Some Germans were good, some were bad. Nicely done.

And the whole film was entertaining in the standard Taratino way of having seemingly small pieces mixed in with more bloody extravaganzas. The movie is over two hours, but I wasn't paying any attention to time while watching it.

The plot, I don't need to tell you, is Americans vs Nazis, although there's a mix of everyone. (Although the French don't come off too well, what is it with everyone that they are down on the French?) Not an indepth plot by any means, but it is more about the characters.

Who are a wide mix from over the top (Hi Brad!) to more natural (nod to Diane) to subtle and brilliant (take a bow Melanie(*)), with lots of little cameos to amuse the sharp eyed.

You've already seen it, no doubt, but if you haven't, add my recommendations to the others you've heard.

(*) With all the people submitting trivia, you'd think someone would notice that Melanie's role and actor credit are swapped...


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