Saturday, 10 April 2010

Perhaps there's a course that would help...?

It's hard paying people money, it seems. I while ago I signed up for a course, and paid, as one does, over the intertubes, using my credit card.

Then, a month ago, got a phone call, on a Thursday (the day is important), saying that the charge never went through. "Sometimes digits get dropped off." So we checked the number, they had it right, and told them to re-charge it and email if there are any problems. Never heard from them, everything is all right, of course...

Then, on Thursday, I got a call on my answering machine to say the charge never went through and could I call them to make arrangements. Sigh. However, they are at the bus station, where I catch a bus, so went there on the way home on Friday (again, day is important). Even took cash.

They offered to charge my card. Which they already had done, so I had no reason to think would work again. But even if that was possible, they couldn't process it until Monday.

Thus I had cash. $80. The course was $79. They could take the money, but they couldn't process it. Not until Monday. They could take it, give me a written receipt but not an electronic one (until Monday). Moreover, they couldn't even give me a dollar change.

Really? Not even grab one out of their wallets and get it back next week when suddenly processing is possible while it isn't on Friday? Let them have the dollar.

But... some tips:

Don't call people on Thursday if you can't process anything for them on a Friday. You're just going to annoy people with the thought they could actually do something.

Have cash. If you don't have business cash, in this case, use personal cash. It's a wee thing that comes under such wacky ideas as good business practices.

Ultimately, although I'd like to, I'm not seeing me take any more courses. Not until they take a competency one...


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