Wednesday, 14 April 2010

War on Scales 9

We entered the Happy Beggar to find a bar that consisted of... beggars and tea. Porridge was handed out while I was there, but I managed to flavour it into something more interesting. While the owner praised Pelor, I led a sermon on Melora, which proved more listenable.

While I was holding court, the monk and assassin went down to the kitchen and found a door leading to a cavern that might hold Morda. They headed down further, and fell down in a cave with some bats. The rest of us finally followed, but by the time I got there, the bats were dealt with. Well, except one which flew off. They followed, I wanted to rest (after falling down a cliff), but had to go help when I heard them fighting...

They found a shadow witch, some dark creepers and two shadow mastiffs. Lot of creatures, took a while to sort out who was doing what [long, long rounds]. Took a while, but we eventually got there. We then investigated a magic portal, which lead to a warehouse fill of illegal weapons. We turned those over to the guards. Seemed easier than setting up our own business.

However, that left another cavern with another portal. That definitely lead to somewhere in the Shadowfell. Somewhere, as it turned out, that some of us had seen before (in the crypt way back when). With military outpost and everything.

Huh. Get some rest then go investigate...


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