Monday, 17 May 2010

DW 507: Amy's Choice

This is it! Will she or won't she?

That was a lot better than I was expecting. Given standard 'dream' realities, usually we spend half the time in the wrong reality before finding out it is a dream reality. This time, we find out, right at the beginning. Although, we, as the audience, already have some idea which one is the real one, and a lot of work needs to be invested in making us believe the '5 years later' one is real. They gave that a good shot, but... the sheer amount of deaths just made that improbable. (They killed children! Gasp! Can't be real!)

But it really came down to the focal point of the episode, were they disagreeing or competing? That's the key, isn't it? And yet... what is the Doctor competing for? He's already expressed a lack of interest in being with Amy on other than a friend level... or was he overcompenstating to hide something? The answer is inbetween, they each thought their reality was right, but they also wanted Amy to agree with them. And then the moment when Amy knows which reality is wrong and why... that's a heart rending moment that is! Brilliantly done! Still having trouble seeing Rory as more than 'prat companion' although he is sticking around longer than I thought.

And as for the Dream Lord, I'm also of the idea of the Valeyard, although I doubt Moffat and co will give that explanation, wanting to stake out a different ground to the old series. The comparison is unavoidable though.

Decent character episode, keep it up!

Next week: I know what those are because of standard ZB practices.



Jet Simian said...

I- hey!

Now look - if you'd seen the trailer earlier this year you'd have seen the green dudes. From those there have been enough visual elements (the guns, the meshing, the head crests) to get fans thinking "hmm - are these Silurian-ish at all?" Which they did. In a lot of places.

Further to that Steven Moffat himself said "they are [Silurians] two months ago in DWM as was reported outside those pages.

I really think post Secs-bomb on the cover of the RT we need to distinguish between advance promotion and spoilers.

Jamas Enright said...

Didn't overanalyse the trailer (I presume I saw it). Don't read the boards where the fans run rabid. Don't read DWM.

And I still didn't say who they were either, unlike some people in my comments area. ;)

You should know by now that one act on the internet can brand you forever. Just be happy I linked to ZB and in a week it won't matter anyway.