Sunday, 16 May 2010

Yep. That's F'd up!

Human Centipede is one of those movies you hear about but can hardly believe. This surgeon sticks people together mouth to ass. Yeah... yeah, I have to see that...

And I did! The idea is amazingly screwed up... but I'm not sure what the point was beyond "hey look at this weird idea!" 'cos there isn't much that happens outside of getting to and showing that off. I'm not sure what Tom Six was wanting the audience to feel, but it's pretty one-note. Still, it's a great performance by Dieter Laser. There's a man doomed to be typecast as the bad guy!

But this is just the "First Sequence" (should have been 'first segment' ;) ). There's the second part coming next year!

Watch the trailer, if you dare:


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