Monday, 24 May 2010

DW 508: The Hungry Earth

Wasn't the earth on Frontios described as hungry?

New look Silurians!... right, let's get this out of the way. I get these are NuSilurians, but... where's the third eye, dammit? Even though they glowed when the Silurian spoke in Warriors of the Deep, at least they had them! (It's made worse in the Confidential, which shows old series Silurians, and nearly every shot has them using their third eyes... and they don't even mention it in the behind-the-scenes bit!) That and the entire face mask gave them a nice weird monster look. These ones just look like people wearing stupid helmets [cf the Vinvocci], although having the 'original' face as the mask is a nice touch, is a little Ice Warrior-y. Basically, I'm not that impressed.

Anyway, over to the story. Back in Wales, in the future, and there's a mining operation, and the Silurians are involved and... dear gods, this seems familiar. The dead bodies going missing are slightly more interesting (taken for dissection), but that plot point disappeared quickly [may come back in]. [Speaking of plots cropping up, I'm sure the engagement ring in the box put into some part of the console will have no relevance to anything what so ever.]

The small cast might be to help keep the money down, but does help add to the threat of a very small community in danger. Recognised Meera Syal without knowing exactly who she was. Didn't recognise Stephen Moore (I might have more luck next week when he's actually in the episode). Can't say this is the best produced episode.

Not a brilliant Chris Chibnall script... in other words a Chris Chibnall script. Meh.

Next week: Fight! Fight! Fight!


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