Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ending's Game

Quite a few shows have ended in the past week, or will come to an end, mainly in American TV as the seasons finally wrap up (after continual mucking about with scheduling because America can never screen anything sensibly).

House finished season six. Doubt that ending is going to last.

The Mentalist finished season two. Yet another hint of Red John. Eh... the Jack of All Trades plotline in Profiler was more interesting (although there was a series cut-off in the middle of a cliff hanger).

Up-coming we have the finale of FlashForward. Can't say I'm sorry that series wasn't renewed. Yes, they tried something different, but completely fumbled it.

(Other series, such as Supernatural and Fringe are also ending, but since I haven't been watching them, I won't comment.)

But the two big ones are: Ashes to Ashes and Lost. I'm somewhat spoilerific, so I'll hide the rest of this post away. You have been warned...

Ashes to Ashes went all metaphorical in the end there, however left a lot of plot holes open. Oh, and I did pick who the soldier was before the final episode, but didn't take my thought far enough. Anyway, so being in a coma is enough to come to this... whatever it was? Why didn't Shaz have a more modern framework? Do only coppers get this? What about plumbers? Or pilots? Or criminals? Fine, it explained things, in that everything could be broadly handwaved away, but didn't do so well.

And as for Lost... in some ways the same kind of ending as Ashes to Ashes. But we find out the entire alt-verse version was completely irrelevant! And as for what was going on on the island... WE'VE STILL BEEN TOLD NOTHING!!! Screw you, Lost! Don't try to have emotional moments and action beats and pretend that solves anything! Screw. You.



Jet Simian said...

In the words of Mr Rotten:

"Ha ha. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

Oh I went onto Stuff this morning to read their 'summary' of the Last Lost episode (I gave up a couple of years ago) and I laughed like a bitter old drain. Quite grateful I'm no longer a Lost fan, really.

Jamas Enright said...

Haven't seen that. Not sure why I continued to watch it...