Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I, Ron Man Again

Epic Super Hero Movie? Why wouldn't I see it? Great characterisation, terrific special effects sequences, a plot that hides all its secrets... none of those are reasons to see this!

Tony Stark is back and is dying, in an amazing short span of time you wonder how he lasted the six month gap between movies. What he needs is an amazing plot point that is handed to him without effort (indeed the entire audience is ahead of him in guessing the secret so we wonder why he needs anything handed to him at all and can't just see what's right there), so that isn't worth anything. And then there are the cut-rate villains... People (aka rabid fans) have been disappointed in bringing in Whiplash, but they do tie him into Stark's background in interesting ways, and in comic book movie terms, that's enough for me to be happy he's involved. Pity about the fight...

Special effects took a pounding as well, but I don't have high standards. I certainly couldn't tell what was practical/what was CGI, so that's a thumbs up. In general the production was solid if uninspiring.

Robert Downey Jr. continues to make the part of Tony Stark his, and Don Cheadle is a passable Terrance Howard. Gwyenth Paltrow doesn't get much to do, Sam Rockwell is clearly enjoying himself regardless of the role, Mickey Rourke does a decent turn, Scarlett Johansson doesn't stand out as Natasha, and Samuel L. Jackson plays Samuel L. Jackson.

If you're taking in the Marvel Epic Movie Arc, leading up to Avengers, definitely catch this. If you want a decent enough sci-fi movie, catch this. If you are looking for an in-depth romantic drama with tearful moments... why are you even reading this review?

Once again, stay past the credits!


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