Wednesday, 5 May 2010

War on Scales 11

We were still at the Foundry, watching Modra and co set up the place to explode and take out the tower. Watching him, we worked out what he was doing and knew we could do it ourselves... then our desire to kick his ass overwhelmed our vague interest in watching him, and so we set about him with all due kick-a-tude. Unfortunately, we failed to kill him in the surprise round, so it was on!

And then he unleashed the two headed beastie. Yowsa! (The picture [(c)Wizards of the Coast] gives an idea of the fight... yes that is a two-headed death boar.) And the others grouped around us and started pounding away. I got trapped between two of them and proceeded to get pounded (fortunately minions only do set damage). We concentrated on Modra where possible, but it wasn't easy. It took all my abilities to keep the rest of the team on their feet (the assassin went down AGAIN), and I was nearly dead myself!

We knocked Modra unconscious and another guard that was surprisingly resilient and was about to set off the explosion... when we found a secret passage to the tower. Greed getting the better of us, we decided to raid the tower then blow it up on the way out.

The tower had various guards, but we mowed through them [the GM ran them as 'combat skill challenges'. Far quicker and more fun than standard fights]. Then the guards entered and cornered us by a portal we couldn't use. Through which came Sarshan. He offered us jobs. The assassin and the sword mage accepted. The warden and I didn't. Sarshan took up their offer and told his guards to kill the two of us...

...we so should have blown up the foundry when we had the chance...


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