Sunday, 2 May 2010

On the other, other, other hand...

So, turns out that my computers can't play Blu-Ray. So, now I need to get myself a Blu-Ray player at some time. (My collection has risen to five... or possible eight titles... what do the Doctor Who Specials count as? Fortunately, everything I have is Region B, are there multi-regional players?)

But even then it's not that simple. My TV is HD Ready... as it ever will be. By which, I mean it isn't ready at all. So not only do I need a player, I need a new TV now. The depressing fact is that any new TV I get now will be half the price I paid for my current TV back then. Sigh. (If a trade-in deal happens, bam! Otherwise, I'll have a 40" plasma TV sitting around doing nothing... can only go so far with TradeMe.)

Back to the player, I could get a straight BluRay player... or... I could get a PlayStation 3. No only could I play discs, I could also play games. Yay! Except for the fact that I have computer games I'm not playing now, so I'm not sure I'll be seeing a lot of potential from that aspect. It would be nice to have that ability should I want to take advantage of it... but if I'm never going to, what's the point? (Yet again, I'm not seeing a lot of current cheaper straight players having a USB connection. Some do, but they tend to be the same price as PS3, in which case...)

Totaling up... looking just under two grand for that (counting in warantees, etc.). Fine, I paid that for the laptop I'm currently typing this on, although I did need to upgrade my laptop, and I use it all the time... but it doesn't have a BluRay player! Gyp!

Obviously, since I have discs, I need to get some kind of player, but TV/PS3? Get a new drive for my computers? Wait five years and reget everything on laser crystal?



BluElf said...

I'm not sure how Netflix works in your end of the pond, but something else to consider is the ability to stream Netflix to that new T.V your getting. With the PS3 you can get a disk from Netflix that will allow you to do that.

Jamas Enright said...

We don't have Netflix itself, but indeed something similar (which clearly I don't use otherwise I'd know what I was talking about). And so no idea if anything like streaming is possible, but I doubt it...
Anyone else know?