Thursday, 6 May 2010


When I saw this sequel was out, I brought it without hesitation. The first one was a decent take on the zombie idea, was redone by Americans, and this one picked up right (indeed before) the previous one finishes. However...

The first part are soldiers go in, with someone from the Ministry of Health, to find the source of the virus. Then we get a second part in which some kids go in to find out what's going on, which is basically a restart on the movie until the two threads combine, and then one thread is quickly dropped. So.. what was the point of the middle then? Just padding? Putting people in jeopardy for no reason? All right then...

The big revelation here is the origin of the virus. Ummm... (I won't give it away) it's an interesting idea, and one that works for the culture, and raises some intriguing ideas... but I'm not sure about the context of it given the final scene. Is that really how it works? Something else might have worked... then again, any reason for zombie movies is largely secondary to the fact that it is a zombie movie!

Manuela Velasco makes a come back for this movie, although somewhat lesser performance. Jonathon Mellor kept reminding me of someone else (Colin Ferral? Jason Flemyng?). And the rest didn't really stand out.

If you liked [REC], you'll probably get this, but I wouldn't recommend seeing this without having seen that. Or you could wait for the inevitable American version which will probably end up being entirely unrelated to the original...

Nothing special on the DVD, just a photo-gallery and a trailer for Storm Warriors. Hmm... might pick that up. The first one had a behind the scenes, would have been interesting to see that for this.


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